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458 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force
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Honour Roll, our fallen...

458 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force


401756 W/O Anderson, D. A.
405168 F/Sgt Armour, R. D.
18762 LAC Batton, I. W.
402028 Sgt Brown, T. L.
407524 F/Sgt Burns, R. J.
412335 F/Sgt Campbell, S. N.
403040 P/O Carmichael, D. N.
428070 F/Sgt Conolan, L. R.
400460 Sgt Cox, A. L.
416043 F/O Craig, J. I.
400410 Sgt Crittenden, P. G.
404207 Sgt Crompton, G.W.S
405591 W/O Dacey, C. C.
407414 W/O Dickson, C. K.
403915 W/O Doude, W. J.
425286 W/O Duncan, G. W.
427457 W/O Ellis, R.
402736 F/Sgt Everingham, H. D.
427504 W/O Farrell, P. J.
403865 P/O Fischer, J. M.
402920 F/Sgt Flecknoe, J. E.
407639 Sgt Forgan, W. W.
428682 F/Sgt Fox, W. J.
415777 F/Sgt Freeman, R. T. A.
404332 P/O Furey, R. J.
409686 F/Sgt Gebbie, G. J.
402440 P/O Gell, A. T.
400403 P/O Goldman, W.
401507 F/O Hazeldine, L. Y.
402353 Sgt Hewish, A. L.
404431 P/O Hickey, B. P.
405312 F/O Howie, D. G.
410488 F/Sgt Huntley, A. J.
400414 S/Ldr Jackson, G. F.
400716 Sgt Johnstone, V. W.
9352 Cpl Kenny, K.
414537 W/O Knox, M. T. F.
400228 W/O Laver, L. C.
409466 F/O Lawler, B. F.
410993 W/O Lee, M. T.
419785 F/Sgt Leslie, K. J.
421740 F/Sgt Lipscombe, W. M. M.
404346 P/O MacDonald, E. J. N.
403429 F/O Markey, J. R.
420032 F/Sgt McGee, A. E.
407903 P/O McKay, L.
404252 F/Sgt McLoughlin, C. T.
409574 F/O McMillan, H. R.
410909 F/Sgt Muschialli, L. J.
407800 F/Lt Neill, K. H.
425201 W/O O'Connell, J. B.
400354 Sgt Opas, A. L.
416227 F/O Parker, M. G.
10158 LAC Parkin, G. G.
407801 P/O Paroissien, J.
401049 W/O Pearce, L. A.
422702 F/Sgt Reid, G. K.
409851 F/Sgt Richards, J.
425372 F/Sgt Rogers, T. R.
404425 F/Sgt Saggers, E. F.
407255 Sgt Shearer, B. W.
416107 Sgt Shierlaw, J.
416895 F/Sgt Shipard, J. C.
420068 W/O Shying, H. S.
416371 W/O Simons, G. G.
404414 F/Sgt Smith, D. A.
407209 Sgt Smith, P. H.
402262 F/Sgt Spencer, R. G.
402471 Sgt Taylor, D. G.
410397 F/Sgt Taylor, L. C.
406268 F/Sgt Thurstun, C. R.
425388 W/O Watson, J. H.
402425 F/Sgt Watts, D. M.
429839 W/O Watts, K. H.
402430 Sgt Wills, A. R.


1531154 Sgt Adair, T.
1063543 F/Sgt Adams, B. E.
619953 Sgt Andrews, J. E.
1007177 Sgt Anstee, E.
1133860 Sgt Aungier, M. V.
1159702 Sgt Austin, A. S.
1295239 Sgt Baker, F. E.
960943 Sgt Barlow, J. G.
946569 Sgt Bates, K. T.
987758 Sgt Bottomley, D. E.
657621 Sgt Bottomley, E. B.
88216 F/Lt Brain, L. A.
1388140 F/Sgt Brandon, H. W.
658144 Sgt Brighurst, A. W.
1289528 Sgt Brown, A. E.
1315187 F/Sgt Bryson, H. F.
1245327 Sgt Burrows, R. E.
1189409 Sgt Clark, R. E.
968155 Sgt Condie, A. Y.
1269264 Sgt Cousins, J. R.
1192315 F/Sgt Crocker, F. G.
1270898 Sgt Cuming, E. J.
1213637 Sgt Dixon, W. E.
122475 P/O Driver, P. R.
745531 F/Sgt Duffield, H. W.
1266506 Sgt Dunnett, D.
1001432 Sgt Ebbage, C.
12969 P/O Fawkes, D. K.
83117 F/Lt Francombe, J.
912835 Sgt Hamilton, P. J. M.
1332496 Sgt Hill, L. S.
127301 F/O Hillen, J.
752964 Sgt Hinton, F.
645979 Sgt Hobbs, R. J.
120970 F/O Holt, G.
1019209 Sgt Hornsby, J. S.
1020873 Sgt Hunter, J. R.
995859 Sgt Jackson, T.
1333888 Sgt Johnson, L. H.
1384540 Sgt Kingston, F. C.
1135628 Sgt Knox, G. W.
1020882 Sgt Lees, W. S.
1022822 Sgt Lyle, G.
1388415 Sgt McIllhatton, J.
657704 F/Sgt Milne, W. H.
1069843 Sgt Milner, H.
1290297 Sgt Morgan, M. J.
34098 W/Cdr Mulholland, N. G.
1025192 Sgt Musgrove, R.
1316142 Sgt Musto, T.
1218227 Sgt Neal, C. A.
102132 F/O Neale, D. B.
1029630 Sgt Oliver, T. A.
119810 F/O Outerbridge, J.
127187 F/O Paton, W.
496888 Sgt Pepper, D. B.
1425553 Sgt Pottage, B. L.
1270949 Sgt Potter, G. R.
1117324 F/Sgt Ralph, W. B.
1286457 Sgt Rayner, E. L.
1165671 F/Sgt Reynolds, J. D.
1050936 Sgt Rowland, E.
1365035 Sgt Stanfield, E.*
1111507 F/Sgt Sutherland, A.
144087 F/O Tatt, E. E.
118487 F/Lt Taylor, J. L.
1334816 Sgt Tindall, J.
137297 F/O Tuckwell, M.
942702 Sgt Vials, S. G.
1219231 W/O Wagstaffe, J. M.
1315073 Sgt Whittaker, J.
1239994 Sgt Wilkinson, R.
1252008 F/Sgt Williamson, R. H.
1316300 F/Sgt Wilson, E. L.
1212913 Sgt Windsor, M. E.

* Sgt Stanfield, E. was born in Newfoundland, Canada and is recognised as one of Canada's own.


NZ 403773 P/O Birnie, R.
NZ 413429 F/Sgt Kippenberger, I.
NZ 41186 F/O Prebble, I. D.
NZ 415362 F/O Reid, J.


R.93115 WOI Aikman, A.
R.84883 WOII Banks, G. J.
J.20378 F/O Barker, G. L.
R.119875 WOII Bradley, H. E.
J.20439 F/O Brechin, M. L.
R.92308 WOII Brown, P. E. E.
R.111309 Sgt Cameron, G. A. D.
R.106933 Sgt Clark, L. W.
J.12745 F/O Diggins, J. A.
J.17063 P/O Gleason, L. H.
J.10409 F/O Glickman, B. W.
J.5999 F/Lt Graham, D. D.
R.86232 WOII Grasley, J. R.
R.98819 WOII Griggs, T. E.
J.10642 F/O Hailstone, W.C.
J.17587 P/O Hudson, R. W. J.
R.95049 Sgt Jenkins, F. S.
R.90509 WOI Keith, A. L.
J.9516 F/O Kempton, M. M.
R.93340 WOII King, P.
R.95108 Sgt Kirk, J. F.
R.101976 WOI Kontzie, H. E.
J.9691 F/O Lawson, G. H.
R.98941 WOII McConechy, D. H.
J.11132 F/O McCorkell, E. A.
R.72864 Sgt McLeod, A. F.
J.11125 F/O Pagan, A. R.
J.13982 F/O Renton, A.
R.102787 Sgt Scandiffio, T. P.
J.20438 F/O Scott, R. C.
R.102577 Sgt Sheffield, R. A. P.
J.10666 F/O Shusterove, S. C.

Australian War Memorial Record of our Fallen in date order, with summary of the mission details, the names, ranks and mustering of crews.

"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Hallowed Ground

We remember the ultimate sacrifice made by those who served with 458 Royal Australian Air Force Squadron, giving their lives during World War II. They are buried and memorialized in nearly every country they served in: the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Sardinia (part of Italy), Sicily (part of Italy), Corsica (part of France), Italy, Gibraltar and Germany. We owe them a great debt of gratitude. Lest We Forget.

Their final resting places and places of memorial (pictured) are at Commonwealth War Graves locations. The Honour Rolls that list the final resting place or memorial plaque of our loved ones are: RAAF a-l, RAAF l-z & RNZAF, RAF a-m, RAF m-z and RCAF. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission also provides a Commemorative Certificate for each of our never-to-be-forgotten heroes.