458 Squadron Council

Squadron President: Keith Cousins president@458raafsquadron.org
Squadron Treasurer: Beryl Dodds treasurer@458raafsquadron.org
Squadron Secretary: David Longhurst secretary@458raafsquadron.org
Newsletter Editor: Roland Orchard editor@458raafsquadron.org
Newsletter Publisher: Roland Orchard publisher@458raafsquadron.org

458 Squadron Local Flights

United Kingdom: Keith Wilkinson UK@458raafsquadron.org
New Zealand: NZ@458raafsquadron.org
Canada: Bryan Quinlan CA@458raafsquadron.org
South Africa: SAfrica@458raafsquadron.org
Australian Capital Territory: Wendy Whittem-Trunz ACT@458raafsquadron.org
New South Wales: David Longhurst NSW@458raafsquadron.org
Northern Territory: Nick Bertram NT@458raafsquadron.org
Queensland: Christine Thomson QLD@458raafsquadron.org
South Australia: Rick Michell SA@458raafsquadron.org
Tasmania: TAS@458raafsquadron.org
Victoria: Roland Orchard VIC@458raafsquadron.org
Western Australia: Nick Bertram WA@458raafsquadron.org

Online Enquiry / Suggestions


Online Enquiry

Enquiries / Suggestions can also be posted to the Newsletter Editor, Roland Orchard,
78 Edward Road, Chirnside Park, Victoria 3116 Australia.