Squadron Photo Album

Two mates
Hedgcock. Peter Henry
Jenkins. John Isacc(JIJ)
Orchard. Gordon Stanley
Flentje. W (Bill)
Alison. (Beer) Ian
Cruttenden. Jack
Ashworth. Harry.R
Lehdey. Arthur
Jewell. Eric
Glassford A (Tony)
Caricature of Cec Percy, To Cec with the hat from 'John'
F.O Fred Ayres
Harry Ashworth & Crew
Typical Aussie humour. Courtesy of Cecilia Temple (nee Percy)
John Sheerlock, John Jenkins,Shorty Coulter, AVM John Dowling, Crusher Jones & Peter Hedgcock.
John Sheerlock, JIJ Jenkins & Peter Hedgcock kitted up and ready to go, 2/12/43
Crusher Jones making the most of an opportunity to bathe.
Group at their tent, Cec Percy standing, on the left.
JIJ Jenkins on right and friends
Mac, Bill, Roy & Snow. Ras-el-Ma French Mauritius.
Bill Flentje, Bill McDonald & Tony Harris,back. Bob Bruce, Dud McKay & Geoff Burgess front .
Alan McMaster standing, middle.P.O Stan Slater front.
'A' Flight, Gibraltar 1945.Bill Flentje Back, 3 from left.2nd row 3 in John Bilney.Front row Arthur Lehdey, Ian Beer, Tony Glassford & Harry Ashworth.
'A' Flight, Gibraltar 1945. Bill Flentje back 6 in L, 2nd row John Bilney 3 in. Bottom Arthur Lehdey, Ian Beer, Tony Glassford & Harry Ashworth.
458 in Alghero. Fred Ayres, Location, middle group, back row, felt hat.? Family had to dig deep to find him
Protville Sept 1943, Peter Hedgcock left wing 3 in sitting, John Sheelock far left wing, standing. Gordon Orchard Front middle dark shirt. JIJ ground 6 from left. Ian Beer 6 from right, Tony Glassford 8 from right
Eric Jewell, A.K.A. Anderson & Curly Brain, part of Jack Aitkins crew.
"McKenzie's Air Force" with 'Henrietta' and its specially fitted canon in the nose.