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458 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force
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On a near perfect Melbourne autumn day, 18 of us marched to the Shrine of Remembrance. This year we returned to normal and even marched a block further with our starting point at Swanston Street/Collins Street. Earlier some of us attended the 6 am Dawn Service. One of the many highlights was again having current serving Air Force Squadron Leader Matthew Wuillemin, grandson of 458 Veteran: Warrant Officer Mervyn Lee leading our march. Thirteen of us attended the Annual General Meeting afterwards. The previous year in review is recorded in the minutes. We are happy to have Chris Wurr, son of Flying Officer Lisle Wurr, helping find another embroider for our popular memorabilia items. 

ABC TV covered the entire march. We first appear at 2 hours 3 mins 21 sec and then at numerous times up to 2 hours 4 mins 38 secs at this youtube webpage link  



On a fine Melbourne autumn day, 9 of us marched to the Shrine of Remembrance. It was great to be marching again after last year’s cancellation due to covid-19. This year numbers had been limited to 5,000 (which was later revised to 8,000 very close to the day) in an abundance of caution (some say misuse of power; there are zero cases of covid at this time) by the Labor state government. This over-restrictive approach kept numbers away (and possibly in protest).

Two of the many highlights were having Flight Lieutenant Matthew Wuillemin, grandson of 458 Veteran: Warrant Officer Mervyn Lee marching with us. And Vayle Hallam, daughter of Fl Lt Roy Montrowe who served with 148 Squadron RAF - 458 aircrews were detached to 148 RAF in 1942 at Kabrit, Egypt for a number of months. Nine of us attended the Annual General Meeting.

ABC TV covered the entire march. We appear at 28 mins 35 sec at the youtube webpage link: 

ANZAC Day 2020

This year provided an entirely unique commemorative experience as we tuned into televised Commemoration Services and honoured our Veterans at dawn (and throughout the day) from our own driveways or balconies (see photos). At this time we extend best wishes to all worldwide for continued safety, happy health and a speedy return to normal living and the security it provides. When we meet again for Anzac Day 2021 (or sooner) we will all share our stories and experiences.

An overview Finance and Victoria Flight President's Reports (hover your curser over and click on link for report) of activities has been prepared to update you on some highlights of the past year. It is informative of some of the many functions of the Association such as the Newsletter, the website, memorabilia, grants received, new hardware purchases, etc. Best wishes to all. 

Thanks Cecelia & Adrian Temple  

Thanks Kim Temple  

Thanks Kim Temple  

Thanks Neil Flentje  

Thanks Neil Flentje. Nice Flying goggles!  

Thanks Cecelia & Adrian Temple  

Roland & Janet Orchard  

Thanks Wendy Whittem-Trunz.  

Jim Whittem.  

Wendy's ANZAC Biscuits.  

Anzac Day 2019

Reports from the Day

Stay tuned as reports and photos come in for this year.


On a magnificent Melbourne autumn day, 19 of us plus 5 Air Force Cadets (from Squadrons 403, 404, 405, 416 and 417) marched to the Shrine of Remembrance. The Spirit of Anzac remains alive and well, displayed by the number of people lining the march acknowledging our forebears for their service and sacrifice. This is deeply heartwarming. Another of the many highlights was having Barry Laming, grandson of 458 Veteran, Ernie Laming marching with us. 13 of us attended the Annual General Meeting (click on the link to read it). Read about Squadron Leader Chris Baker, the grandson of 458er Jack Baker, flying and training other pilots on the RAAF's top of the line Joint Striker Fighter F35 aircraft!

ABC TV covered the entire march. We appear at 2 hr 4 mins 52 sec at the abc iview Melbourne webpage link.


Our Squadron President, Keith Cousins leads us again this year. Smiling and waving to the crowd, Keith is the same age as the RAAF!


ABC TV covered the entire march. We appear at just after 1 hr 32 mins from commencement at the abc iview Sydney webpage link.


A very special occasion on the ANZAC CENTENARY. Adam Bruce, the son of Stephen (NSW Secretary) laying a wreath on behalf of 458 Squadron. Lest We Forget.  

Squadron President, Keith Cousins leads the march  

Veterans Eric Munkman and Keith Cousins  

Adelaide, South Australia

A report about Anzac Day this year will be in the next Newsletter.

We are pleased to show you what the march is like in our great city of Adelaide. This presentation comes from 2003 and goes for nearly 2 hours 30 minutes. Our Veterans appear at 1 hour, 26 minutes.