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458 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force
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Dept. Veterans' Affairs Programs and Initiatives

Returned Servicemen - What you are entitled to receive from the D.V.A.

Our thanks for this important information brought to our attention by John Gibbins, Squadron Treasurer.

All our members are 'getting on' and should have the following safety devices:
Vital Call - a device set up in your home so that if you have a fall, get ill, need assistance, you can press the emergency pendant and be in contact with the emergency response team within minutes.
Most falls happen in or near the bathroom, others get stuck on the ground in the backyard. Two members recently had falls in or near their bathrooms - one lay there for 24 hours, the other jammed against the closed door.
Don't be too proud, please ask for one now.

Devices to Assist in getting socks / shoes on / pick up items from the floor etc.
Why struggle bending down to get you socks and shoes on / or picking up that scrap of paper from the floor? Ask DVA for these devices today. Why wait for someone else to do it?

Going into a retirement Village? or is it hard to get around for any long distance (to shops, to neighbours etc)?
DVA may be able to provide you with the appropriate electric buggy. Don't depend on someone assisting you.
Get mobile and 'Taxi' around the corridors.

Wives, Family and family-carers of our Veterans:

Unfortunately, one day we are all going to lose our loved one - here is some information to assist you...

  • Notify the DVA of the veteran's passing as soon as possible. This allows the State Office of DVA to notify the Australian War Graves which will contact you about  your wishes regarding burial; i.e. placement of grave, placement of ashes in a crematorium or alternately in AWG garden of Remembrance.
  • Payments to the surviving spouse/partner of a TPI member is equal to 12 weeks of the disability pension.
  • In case of a widower or single pensioner "the estate" will receive 14days pension after the date of death.
  • The Australian Flag is allowed to be placed on the coffin - the flag commencing from the head and going to the feet.
  • Your RSL, Legacy, Squadron Social worker can assist in any of the above, alternatively for more information obtain a copy of 'Planning Ahead' from the DVA or your RSL.